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A Prezi that is worth a contest

“Turn on the poetry” was the runner-up finalist of the international contest held by TED and Prezi.



When we let ourselves go, the most poetic and successful work arises.

We love to create and we do better when we are completely free to do so. For this reason we sometimes attend a contest just for the sake of doing what we love.

Prezi, in association with TED Conferences, held a competition in 2013 titled “Ideas Matter” where the worldwide participants had to choose a TED speech and convert it into a Prezi. chose “If I should have a daughter” by poet Sarah Kay.  We came in second place behind a great Prezi created by Hedwyg van Groenendaal.

In our amazing Prezi, we used all the ingredients we hold close to our hearts: inspiration, innovation, our ability to illustrate, express and animate, all coupled with our passion. We used this Prezi to exploit our creativity, but also to discover new techniques that led far beyond what we expected.

This is why we are Independent Prezi Experts!

 “In this work, we pushed the limit of creative potential of Prezi”


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