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What you need to know about achieving a Follow-Up


By Redacción

11 july, 2017

"Desperation will be your key to success."

In an age of countless businesses, how is it possible to separate your own, without falling into the abyss? Well, the answer, in fact, is quite simple. Utilize the follow-up technique tirelessly.

Many brush this formality off as desperation, and in fact remain completely oblivious of the impact.

While not limited too, a follow-up usually consists of a short phone call. Within a week time period of consulting with your potential client, it is imperative that you pick up the phone and give them a ring. The call does not have to take up a big chunk of either your clients or your time. Go in with a purpose so that your client is quickly made aware the intentions of your conversation. A call allows you to take a moment to persuade a potential client.


While not always successful, the attempt will always show dedication and create more personal relationships with clientele.

Like all things, this technique is not full proof, but it is a great example of trial and error. Unless you make attempts that unfortunately fail, you will never know what works and what does not. Use the follow-up technique to gather data, and to maneuver future attempts.


If the person you are trying to reach will not answer your call, then take the opportunity to leave a voicemail. Include your reason for calling and a personalized message. While not talking to the client personally, here you are still able to leave an impression that could result in an unexpected callback.

With phones, emails, and social media, there is almost no excuse to not attempt a follow-up. Be creative!! Use the platforms you have to your advantage.

Make a lasting impression on your clientele by showing your dedication and drive to improve customer service.

Also remember, desperation is not a weakness. It is a drive for success, and it is a characteristic that you need in order to further grow your visions.

Some short tips to remember when using the follow-up technique:

1) Don’t lose the impact of your first impression (call within 5-7 days!!)

2) Keep the call short, to the point, and direct

3) Take notes throughout the call! Remember, it will take a couple wrongs before things go right, use these calls to your advantage!


Written by Raquel  Suarez-Solar


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