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VR: using Tech and Storytelling for good


By Redacción

22 may, 2017

Live it or leave it. 2017 is all about getting closer to reality.

100 millions of children get vaccinated every year. The majority suffers from anxiety and fear. Hermes Pardini,a Brazilian private health institution, found a way to distort reality and turn trauma into a dream.

A good storytelling can really make a difference in someone’s life; VR Vacina is the living proof of that.

The kids feel like heroes and overcome their fears. While immersed into another world, the children get distracted and relaxed making it easier for the nurse to take the vaccine and speeding up the process. A win-win solution for both patients and medical staff.

Another initiative that caught our attention recently was the latest awareness campaign carried out by the Spanish Directorate General of Traffic and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, “You Choose”.

We have seen hundreds of campaigns strengthening the safety message while driving, but this one stands out from the crowd thanks to the implementation of 360º videos and VR that make you live the experience and for its multiple scenarios.

Don’t use the phone, fasten your seat belt and don’t drink. 3 VR stories to raise awareness.

We often forget that driving safely is not only a matter of drinking, but it’s a social responsibility that everyone should embrace when starting the car.

Millennials and Z Generation people are digital natives and the main target of this kind of campaigns: if institutions want to impress them they have to start applying the latest technologies to breath-taking storytelling to make a difference.


Written by Laura Zuffi


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