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Are you ready to present?

Marcos Xalabarder

By Marcos Xalabarder

11 february, 2015

Follow 3 easy rules to gain confidence when you are about to present

Time is running and you are about to face the audience with your hard worked presentation.

You feel a bit nervous. Everything is there, you have reviewed all the questions that your target may have in mind.

All this effort comes down to a 10 to 20 minutes session with your listeners. Are you ready?

Check these easy steps to gain confidence when you go in there:

1. Charming start, surprising end

If you have no time for a fine tuning of you slides or Prezi, at least make the beginning and end worth it. Start with a strong claim, fullscreen pictured, and end with a surprising sentence and image. Try to fit all your vision in these two and people will remember.

2. Keep in mind the storyline

Anything you want to explain can be summarized into 3 keystones: beginning, middle and end. The beginning stands for the problem, the middle explains how we solve or face the problem, and the end is about your product or solution, benefits and so on. Anything else in between could be skipped. This way you can’t get lost.

3. Control the time warp

The two previous points will give you structure. Now use it. Remember timing warps when you are on stage. Focus on the main objective and speak it. Don’t let time catch you up with half of your main message. Once you have said what you think is most important, relax a bit and get into details.


Presentations are about the way we tell. It can be very simple, no need to make a Hollywood movie. Just keep in mind that any story can be told in 5 minutes if the steps are clear.


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