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People have the power to unlock your dusty ideas´ drawer


By Redacción

10 november, 2016

Nothing is real until you say it out loud. We found a place in Barcelona where you can "date" ideas and think out loud.

“(There´s) no such thing as a stupid question” asserts a popular saying. The troubled climb towards knowledge, and success too, is never-ending and full of hurdles; among them the fear of exposure.

In this world made of fake and constructed virtual connections, committing to real networking has never been more urgent. However, we are getting used to cover up our own realities and mistakes online that we have difficulty to open up or to manage failure, if it occurs.

You might have a concrete project on your mind but don´t know where to start from. You might feel on the edge of a great discovery, an idea that will revolutionize our status quo but you lack budget, collaborators and a plan in general. Or you might just look for inspiration, a spark that will ignite your creativity.

If TED shaped globally the concept of ideas worth spreading, Rainn Wilson (mostly known for the series “The Office”) succeeded in enclosing in a 4-minute entertaining video some thoughts on modern loneliness, reality distortion and the need to meet other people to nurture our minds, because from one short encounter we can learn much more than spending hours on the net.

There is a difference between getting informed and inspired by  “mute” words and actually participating in the flow of ideas in a biunivocal form of communication.

If you want to emerge from your creativity hibernation, sometimes you just need to speak out; someone will hear your voice.

First of all, you need to know what you want and very well what you don´t want. This was the case of Amleto Montinari, co-founder and CEO of Fluttr, a social-network that helps people find “real, meaningful and lasting” connections, not only jobs, followers or virtual friends. Because after all – as he said – “we are not a A4 CV.”

He had a perfect first-class life: a good position in JP Morgan, wonderful children and caring friends. However, life is short and every day that passed by he could not help thinking about his own dreams locked up in his expensive office’s desk drawer.

Amleto Montinari at zuMOB. Credits to: Dani Gioia.

Amleto Montinari at zuMOB. Credits to: Dani Gioia.

During the zuMOB event in Barcelona, organized by the local co-working and creative hub MOB, he unveiled his personal experience and the story beyond Fluttr, which was born thanks to a lucky encounter, a connection.

As he stressed during his informal and friendly presentation, opportunities sometimes pop up from a series of “lucky coincidences”; but it’s not only about that. Each man is the architect of his own destiny and Amleto´s efforts and accomplishments were repaid during a working meeting he had in Milan over a year ago, where he got the chance to know his current CTO and friend Alessandro Franzi.

What if they never met? “Probably Fluttr would have never seen the light,” he declared while presenting.

Co-working spaces in Barcelona have multiplied recently as the city has quickly turned into an international cradle of creativity and innovation. MOB’s philosophy indeed is that of “self-perpetuating, ever-evolving creativity loop”, with the goal of connecting people and triggering a chain of new opportunities for its members.

MOB&PAU Barcelona. Credits to: Irene Moray.

MOB&PAU Barcelona. Credits to: Irene Moray.

MOB launched for the first time its “think out loud” open-to-all event last week and it will keep doing it every first Thursday of the month. The format was simple and informal, leaving room for speakers to present their projects with a visual support or just the power of their voices. There was time for questions and time to talk and share ideas while sipping free beer.

I particularly liked Amleto´s story because he made you believe life is not all about settling down and work is not (only) about gaining an undetermined well-paid contract. Don´t get me wrong some people enjoy living like this and they need nothing else but the love of their family and friends and I fully respect them for that.

However, others hold a frenetic and insatiable curiosity to learn or try new things, but sometimes their fears override their dreams.

Petra Eriksson, a young Swedish illustrator and graphic designer living in Barcelona, took a leap of faith as well when she decided to turn into a full-time freelancer. “I am scared and I don´t know what to expect in the near-future,” she told her fellows with open-heart. It´s hard indeed to choose a life where planning and stability are terms you cannot longer afford, at least at the beginning of your adventure.

Petra Eriksson at zuMOB. Credits to: Dani Gioia.

Petra Eriksson at zuMOB. Credits to: Dani Gioia.

MOB gave her the opportunity to work in a stimulating environment, to discover possible collaborators and where she can feel free to ask for opinions and/or advice. Even for a MOB outsider like me, bumping into such event was quite enriching and extremely interesting.

Did you know for example, there is a gaming app made for couples who want to spice up their relationship? It´s called DESIRE. Or that, there is a community of people in Barcelona who learns Spanish and English while enjoying art, cinema and music? The founder of the Art of Language gave us as well an insight of her dream-came-true.

Gathering with people means gathering new ideas. It means breathing in inspiration and breathing out your own motivation to start a project, or in my case an article.




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