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Netflix launches new interactive storytelling


By Redacción

22 june, 2017

"Don't just watch. Decide." The new slogan by Netflix for its interactive feature is becoming viral.

Digital storytelling is a feature that is becoming much more prominent as generations switch over to the technological movement of today. Several years ago, kids would have recognized any of the books that allowed them to choose the way in which the story was laid out. The books allowed for an engaging feature in which the story became a way for children to make decisions and choose an adventure to embark on. Creativity is something that has seemingly always driven the minds of young children.

Netflix has recently grabbed onto this creativity and launched a new interactive feature in their children’s movies. With a TV remote, kids will have the same sensation of choosing the way in which what they are watching plays out. The show will pause, giving the child a chance to choose the way in which the next scene will continue. With the mind that children have, the possibilities become seemingly endless.

Netflix is set to test this feature on only two films, “Puss in Boots: trapped in an epic tale” and “Buddy Thunderstruck”. While only available on applications associated with Smart TV, game consoles and iOS, it is sure to reach alternatives if the project receives positive feedback.

Source: Netflix

Source: Netflix

It is quite clear that technology plays a part of our daily lives, and as a society our fast pace lifestyles are met with new and up to date innovations along the journey. Starting in the 19th century, the desire to innovate became the foundation for what we now understand in the Millennial era as the face of new opportunities and resources. With intense innovations comes the ability to immerse, no matter what age, into the technological world we have developed.

With each generation, comes a new need for innovation.

We are constantly evolving, constantly undergoing human advancement and social progress. Being able to utilize the latest technologies to the utmost advantage is essential to create an understanding of the ever-changing environment that surrounds us.

Only time can tell, but maybe this new idea of interactive storytelling will be the new norm tomorrow, but for now we can only wait until the unveiling of Netflix’s new phenomena on July 14th.



This article was co-edited by Raquel Suarez-Solar


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