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7 Things Apple Did NOT Get Wrong


By Redacción

9 september, 2016

iPhone 7, Apple EarPods, Apple Watch 2 and much more. A lot of new and original concepts launched on Wednesday, but are they really revolutionary? Apple might have lost creativity, BUT it´s still a pro at presentations.

On Wednesday 7 September we witnessed history again…or at least that´s what we thought. This morning I immersed myself in a two-hour sale presentation where for the first time I think Apple tried to merely sell its products and rather than creating a revolutionary product that sells, hammering its audience with incredible images, mind-blowing clips and introducing new gaming features.

Basically, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are not so far from the iPhone reality we already know: some internal tweaks, a new dual-lens camera with high-resolution and – surprise, surprise – new color options in the form of “Jet Black” and “Black”. I won´t go into technological details as it is not my field of expertise and I am sure you all know about the novelties by now; if you have missed out though, watch this 107-second wrap-up. This “Don´t Blink” video seems to me more revealing about Apple´s changes and developments than the entire event. I was expecting at the end to see one of those inspirational quotes by Nike and a pair of shoes; totally not Apple style.

What we got was marketing, what we heard was about music and games and how Apple has been associated to extremely commercial and popular names on the current scene, such as Nike, Nintendo and Pokemon. A waterproof phone is old-fashioned already, but the possibility to play the new Super Mario Run on iPhone 7 with one hand only does ring a bell to many Mario aficionados. Needless to say that kicking off the grand launch with Tim Cook (Apple CEO) driving to the event with James Cordon on his Carpool Karaoke was the cherry on the top; a marketing strategy of course, nothing more. As I said before it seems like Apple is concentrating its efforts in selling only; the presentation indeed was amazing as well as the promotional videos Apple created to release its products.

The goal was to enchant us with lights and greatness and to induce us to buy, because as they have constantly repeated “This is the best iPhone we have ever made”.

Besides all complains we might have about Apple dropping the 3.5mm headphone jack and the featuring of an even more nonsense lightning connector device and incredibly expensive Apple EarPods, I got the feeling I had to spend some words on the event´s presentation, since it´s what we know best in


1. Open with a joke to break the ice

If you are about to undertake a long selling journey, smiling and making jokes can ease up the path for your audience.

Tim Cook went a step further, he decided to actually open the event with an overall good mood, arriving by car with the internationally-known comedian James Cordon. A study by Science People affirmed that “those presenters who smile have been evaluated as smarter” in the inquiries.


2. Provide numbers to strengthen your concepts

Don´t forget to provide data to support your facts and ideas, people are lost if we don´t provide them with numbers.

Although Apple selling pace has started to slow down in recent years due to strong competition, the company has sold one billion iPhones since 2007 and this is a kind of figure you want to include in your presentation to remark you are still on the top of the wave.


3. Surprise your audience

Give them something they don´t expect.

Inviting guest speakers is a good method to refresh the attention level in the room, to provide different insights on your products or to present new ones and well if the guest is someone like Shigeru Miyamoto making a surprising announcement, even better.


4. Use visuals to mesmerise your audience

Images, clips and very short messages: the ABC of any successful presentation.

The novelty of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus relied on image and beauty, thus the presentation itself had to be delivered with the same minimalist design and had to actually show the powers of the new camera to impress the public; something we can all learn from Apple in terms of presentation techniques.



5. Empathy 

Bring up an issue every person is concerned with and feels close to his heart.

Corporate Social Responsibility is an essential feature in today´s business, everybody loves thinking about a percentage of the budget going to recycling projects or NGOs to reduce poverty in the world; doesn´t matter if the same company exploits workers oversea. Anyway, Apple focused on education and technology, how these two areas can work together to create new learning methods and improve school teaching.


6. Innovation and creativity

The golden rule is to deliver something original and innovative.

Apple is well-known for its creativity and on-going research on innovation, although I have to say I did not get the usual Apple thrill when I saw this latest release. Dropping the headphone jack does not sound like innovation to me, but more like a desperate need to be original and unique. Whether it will be a success or not…only time can tell us.


7. Close with a grand finale

I don´t expect you to invite SIA at your event (well if you have the budget to afford her, it would be nice) but remind to close your presentation with something staggering that your audience will hardly forget.


One thing that made Apple presentations absolutely gorgeous though was the presenter himself. We are certainly missinig Steve Jobs here and not only for his ideas but for his incredible performance on the stage.


Written by Laura Zuffi


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